“care for what …

19 06 2013

“care for what you have” because once you loose it never comes back

Desktop WordPress Mass Blog Installer, Manager, Article Creator & Publisher for Windows, Mac & Linux

26 02 2013

Desktop WordPress Mass Blog Installer, Manager, Article Creator & Publisher for Windows, Mac & Linux

Repairing Computers

2 08 2012

One of my customers came to me yesterday asking me to fix his computer and he didn’t understand what’s wrong with it. He just told me that he bought it from the Auction. When I checked the computer it didn’t have operating system. I tried to install windows XP and it dint take XP when I tried installing windows 7 it lost boot manager. I didn’t sleep thinking on how I will fix this problem until some thing came into my mind. What I did is to take my own laptop’s hard drive and installed it to that of my customer and it worked then I took my windows seven disk copied the files to the hard drive of a customer by using it as a external hard drive. Then I removed my hard drive from his laptop, installed his own hard drive then the setup booted I solved the problem now his computer is working correctly.


1 12 2010


30 11 2010


This car is worthy to be brought.


24 11 2010

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Love her up to the fullest.

14 10 2010

When you are in love with some one love her to the point where nothing can come between you. Allow the love of your life to make some decisions in your relationship. Some of the decision she will take will be tough for you and you will not expect the kind of desision from her. Decisions Like you two geting maried can be deficult if it has not come with you, But hey this is a relation shiop so allow her and support her decision. Dont think what will people say, people can’t do anything for your relationship.


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